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About Us


Jertex Networks, LLC is the IT support staff for our customers. Our certified network engineers are fully capable of providing your business with the latest network, server, camera and telephone systems from Dell, HP, Microsoft, and SNiP. We can help make your existing system work better, or help you migrate to a new system that will help grow your business.

Our goal at Jertex Networks, LLC. is to provide our clients with a stable network platform on which to run their business. We save our customers money by allowing them to get more done—with less frustration—all within a budget that makes sense.  Jertex Networks, LLC is a one stop source for all your technology requirements; ranging from the initial wiring, setting up the network, and on-going support to keep you working.

Jertex Networks, LLC. can also design and install new servers and workstations to suit your organization’s requirements. Our certified network engineers have years of experience with Microsoft Windows 7 (and Windows 8 if it ever makes sense), 2008 Server, and MAC’s.  Jertex Networks, LLC. is a complete solutions provider, which means we can offer you everything you need to be connected across the room, the building, or across the country. We will help you design, install and maintain your Voice, Data and Camera network.

NEW . . . . We have extended our life cycle management by adding the ability to recycle your tired, your old and your ancient computers, printers, cables.  Clean out that closet and allow us to put it to some good use.   Call today about Jertex Recycling - we will pick up your old computer equipment at no cost to you.